Here, you will find the staffing deployment for the 2018-2019 Academic Cycle.  Each year group belongs to a phase group and each phase group is led by a member of the Senior Leadership or Senior Management Teams.

Early Years:

Ms. C. Campbell 
Early Years Leader, Dolphins Class Teacher, Senior Management

Mrs. K. Reynolds
Nursery Teacher

Mrs. T. Ashton
Nursery Teacher, Senior Management

Mrs. L. Dunne-Whitmore
Nursery Learning Support Assistant

Mrs. A.Parry
Nursery Learning Support Assistant

Mrs. V. Bailey
Reception Teacher (Giraffes)

Mrs. D. Thomason
Reception Learning Support Assistant

Mrs. S. Bunn
Reception Learning Support Assistant

Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and 2):

Mrs D. Roper
Assistant Head Teacher (EYFS & KS1 Manager, Phase Leader)

Mrs R. Ubhi
Year 1 Teacher

Mrs D. Regan
Year 1 Teacher

Mrs D. Wedge
Year 1 Teacher and SENCO, Senior Management

Mrs L. Warner
Year 1 Learning Support Assistant

Miss K. Yates
Year 2 Teacher

Miss S. Jones
Year 2 Teacher

Ms T. McFarland
Year 2 Learning Support Assistant

Key Stage 2 (Year 3 and 4):

Miss. E. Barrett
Year 4 Teacher, Year 3 and 4 Phase Leader, Senior Management

Mr. M. Nicholls
Year 3 Teacher

Mrs K. Foster
Year 3 Teacher

Mrs J. Hall
Year 3 Learning Support Assistant

Mrs. L. Farmer
Year 4 Teacher

Mrs. B. Horne
Year 4 Learning Support Assistant

Key Stage 2 (Year 5 and 6):

Miss. S Antrobus
Year 5 and 6 Phase Leader, Year 6 Teacher, Senior Management

Mr. J. Wedge
Assistant Head Teacher (Key Stage 2 Manager), Year 5 Teacher

Mrs K. Hopcroft
Year 5 Teacher

Mr. M. Powell
Year 5 Teacher

Mrs S. Barnett
HLTA, Year 5 Learing Support Assistant

Mrs R. Lewis
Year 6 Teacher

Mrs L. Ingram
Year 6 Teacher

 Mrs V. Jones
Year 6 Learning Support Assistant

Additional Teaching Staff:

Sports Coach

Mrs C. Plant
Learning Mentor

Mrs K. Morris
Learning Support Assistant (Inclusion)

Mrs L. Cham
Learning Support Assistant (Inclusion)