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(Personal, Social and Health Education) is a focus for children to learn the skills to be able to acquire the knowledge and understanding they need to manage their lives now and in the future. As part of a whole-school approach, PSHE develops the qualities and attributes children need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society. PSHE equips pupils to live healthy, safe, productive, capable, responsible and balanced lives, encouraging them to reflect on and clarify their own values and attitudes in their lives. At Meadow View, from EYFS to Year 6, discussions around these topics allow the children to develop their confidence, resilience and self-esteem focusing on making decisions and choices to help them develop an understanding of themselves and the world they live in. 


PSHE Policy 

Coming soon........  Stormbreak

mentally healthy movement every day for every child.

We are delighted to be training to become a Stormbreak school.

Through being involved in Stormbreak, we aim to improve children's mental health through movement, equipping them with sustainable, transferable skills and coping strategies to thrive during the complex demands of growth into adult life.

Today's children move less than ever before whilst mental health issues are on the rise.

We have a responsibility to serve our children better amongst the growing crisis in children's mental health in the UK. We're finding ways to do that.

Staff will be under-going training to use the Stormbreak lessons soon and we will then start to use the program in school and also provide parent access to activities which can be enjoyed at home.

More details to follow.........

A meeting with the School Cook.

At Meadow-View, we like to eat fruit at playtime and healthy dinners.

Recently every Year group was asked to discuss the school dinners and their likes and dislikes. They were also asked to provide a list of anything they would like to see added to the dinners if it was possible.

Each Year group then sent a representative to meet with Ms Campbell and the school Cook. 

The children came with lots of feedback on school dinners from their year group.
There were lots of positive comments on what they enjoyed about  school dinners.
"We love the sausages and that they aren't meat" Year 2
" Meatballs and pasta is so yummy" Year Rec
" The jacket potatoes are tasty out of the special oven. I like cheese on mine." Year 1
" The curry tastes delicious." Year 3
" We love pizza. Maybe we could have other flavours?" Year 4
"We like the BBQ wrap and the waffles." Year 5
" The roast dinner is good." Year 6
The children also asked cook questions about what we are allowed to have,
"Can we have tomato sauce and salad dressing if they are low salt and sugar?"
Cook told us that she would start to put sauce out when we had burgers.
"Can we have more bread? It's always gone."
Cook replied that everyone should only be taking 1 piece of bread each, then it wouldn't run out.
She also told us that we must not have too much of one food group, such as carbs but try to have a balanced diet.
The classes had sent lots of requests for food, especially puddings.
Cook explained that she has to prepare what is on the menus from Walsall and that she can have more freedom to add other food on the theme days.
The children agreed with cook that perhaps we could provide a list of foods wanted and that she could make some on a theme day with Mrs Adair's agreement.
Wish list:
Shepherd's pie
Ice cream cones
Wraps with different fillings
chocolate muffins
Chocolate brownies
Chocolate fudge cake
Gingerbread men
Sandwiches with different fillings
A picnic lunch
Fish and chips in a box
Cook also suggested a pizza day, with a variety of toppings.
Finally it was suggested that we have some music on in the background as the dining hall can get very loud and noisy and it does echo. 
Children would like lunchtime to be a relaxing experience.
Ms Campbell would like to thank all of the children for their contributions and we are now looking forward to the next theme day before we finish for the summer.

Friday 8th October was World Mental Health Day and at Meadow View we celebrated by wearing Yellow and completing activities and class discussions around our mental health and how it is so important for us all to speak out if we need support.

Here are some photos from the day.....enjoy.




Year 2





The whole school completed a focus PSHE lesson recently on the importance of Recycling and how it can help our Planet in many different ways.

Year 4 completed some homework on the subject and here are some of the wonderful results....


As part of promoting health and well-being around school, the children at Meadow-View will be joining in half-termly whole-school active events. Advice from the government and NHS says that children should be getting 60 minutes of physical activity a day, 30 minutes at school and 30 minutes at home. Active events are one of the ways that we make sure children are active in school as well as one of the ways we try to promote enjoying being active.


This time the children complete fitness circuits. With one minute of exercise and one minute of rest, the aim was to get the children' heart rates up and it certainly worked. Pupils did one minute of: high knees; step ups or high jumps (depending on year group); active balancing and mountain climbers. And the event was led by 7 fantastic volunteers from year 5, who did the demonstrations and gave out house points to children working hard.

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