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Year 2

Here, you will be able to find out more about the amazing learning taking place in Year 2.

Meet the Team:

Miss K. Yates

Miss E. Barratt

Mrs S. Bunn

Learning Support Assistant

Welcome to Year 2’s class page.

Hi Year 2,

Miss Yates, Miss Barratt and Mrs Bunn here :) 

We have really enjoyed hearing from you the last 2 weeks and we can't wait to hear all about your Easter holidays.


Remember all pictures/questions can be emailed to:


All of your amazing work has really kept us all smiling :)

We thought it might be nice for you to see what your friends have been up to at home.

Well done for all of your hard work and make sure you say a big thank you to your grown ups for their help.

Keep your photos coming and we will update our slideshow everyday :)


Click on the video link below to join in with Miss Yates' Easter art lesson. Remember to send all of your photo's in and we will create a virtual Easter parade after the Easter holidays. Have fun!

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Weekly videos from activities that Miss Barratt, Miss Yates and Mrs Bunn are doing daily, can now be found on 'Class pages', hover over 'Year 2' and you will see at the side a new page 'Year 2 links'. 

Story Time

Fantastic Mr Fox

Click on the video links below (of Miss Yates' silly faces) to hear each chapter. 


Chapter 1 - The Three Farmers

Chapter 2 - Mr Fox

Chapter 3 - The Shooting

Chapter 4 - The Terrible Shovels

Chapter 5 - The Terrible Tractors

Chapter 6 - The Race

Chapter 7 - 'We'll Never Let Him Go'

Chapter 8 - The Foxes Begin To Starve

Chapter 9 - Mr Fox Has a Plan

Chapter 10 - Boggis's Chicken House Number One

Chapter 11 - A Surprise for Mrs Fox

Chapter 12 - Badger

Chapter 13 - Bunce's Giant Storehouse

Chapter 14 - Badger Has Doubts

Chapter 15 - Bean's Secret Cider Cellar

Chapter 16 - The Woman

Chapter 17 - The Great Feast

Chapter 18 - Still Waiting


  1. What are the three farmers called? 
  2. Where is the hole Mr Fox lives in?
  3. When the three farmers shoot at him, what does Mr Fox lose?
  4. How many jars of cider does Mabel take from the cellar?
  5. How many children do each of the animals have?








 Daily Maths lesson and resources



Monday 30th March 

WALT: recognise the value of coins.

This week's lessons are all about money. You will learn what the value of coins and notes are, be able to add amounts together and work out change.

Resources you may need: pencil, paper, coins, notes (or pictures of coins and notes).

5 A Day

1. 67 + 8 =

2. 82 – 10 – 10 =

3. Half of 18 =

4. ¾ of 16 =

5. 8 x 10 =


Activity 1: watch the clip below 



Activity 2: Match the coins and their value. https://uk.ixl.com/math/year-2/coin-values


Activity 3: Read through the power- point and add the coins together to find a total.


Activity 4: Complete the worksheet including fluency and problem solving questions.

Tuesday 31st March 

WALT: combine amounts to make a value.

Today's lesson is all about recognising coins and adding amounts.

Resources you may need: paper, coins, notes (or pictures of coins and notes.)

5 A Day

1. 40 + 20 + 5 =

2. 18 - _ = 11

3. 5 x 8 =

4. 61 + 10 + 10 =

5. 24 ÷ 3 =


Activity 1: Play the game on the link below, combining coins to make a particular value.



Activity 2: Complete the worksheet including fluency and problem solving questions.

Wednesday 1st April

WALT: find combinations of coins.

Today's lesson is all about adding coins together. You will need to think about our learning all about addition and apply this to money.

Resources you may need: paper, pencil, coins.

5 a Day

1. 10 x 10 =

2. 84 – 23 =

3. 2/5 of 25 =

4. 14 ÷ 2 =

5. ½ of 30 =

Activity 1: Make a shop at home. Give all of your favourite snacks and drinks a value. Agree a way of earning points/money (print or make some coins) with your grown ups allowing you to go to 'your shop' to buy your snacks and drinks. Doing this will enable you to practice finding amounts/finding change.

Remember to keep the 'shop' open and keep practising.


Activity 2: Complete the worksheet, including fluency and reasoning questions.

Thursday 2nd April

WALT: compare values using <> and =.

In today's lesson I would like you to rewind your brain to our learning about the greater than, less than and equals to sign. Use your knowledge of this and money to complete the activities below.

5 a Day

1. 50 – 25 =

2. 7 x 10 =

3. 32 + 48 =

4. 2/3 of 15 =

5. Double 9


Activity 1: Review your learning so far. Play the game below to practice making amounts. Discuss with your grown up which amounts are the biggest/smallest value.



Activity 2: Listen to the song to remind yourself about our learning of the < , > and = signs



Activity 3: Complete the worksheet, including fluency and reasoning questions.

Friday 3rd April

WALT: find change.

Today you will need to use both your knowledge of addition and subtraction and apply this within money.

5 a Day

1. 5 x 2=

2. 89 + 10 =

3. 43 - _ = 21

4. 51 + 10 + 10 =

5. Double 10


Activity 1: Play the game below to find the change. Choose the level easy or hard or try both :)



Activity 2: Complete the worksheet, including fluency and problem solving questions. Remember to draw your answers using the pictorial method like we do at school for addition and subtraction.


Miss Barratt's Easter message























































































































































Daily English lesson and resources



Monday 30th March

WALT: Describe a character

This week's focus for English is to concentrate on all of the features we have learnt so far. The big write that the children are working towards at the end of the week is their own story based around their made up giant creature and setting. 


Activity 1: Read pages 71 - end of the book (see attached a PowerPoint with all of these pages on) 

Activity 2: Design and label your own giant creature. Have a look at the WAGOLL (What a good one looks like) attached that Miss Yates and Miss Barratt have made. Remember to include expanded noun phrases (large, blue eyes) and similes (as tall as a building, silver like a knight) to describe your character. 

Tuesday 31st March

WALT: Write a setting description


(Today's lesson is all about writing a setting description for your giant creature like where the Iron Man lived was on a cliff by the beach)  


Activity 1: Look at the WAGOLL (What a good one looks like) and remember the features we need to include.

-Time adverbials 





-Expanded Noun Phrases

-Common exception words 

Wednesday 1st April

WALT: Plan a story.

(Today's lesson is all about planning your own story. You have thought about your character and setting already now it is time to think of a problem. See the template attached for you to do your planning on) 

Thursday 2nd April

WALT: Use features of a story

(Today's lesson is all about writing up your story, use a new page in your book)

*Remember to include all of your features 

-Time adverbials

-Expanded noun phrases

-Common exception words 



-Similes, onomatopoeia and alliteration

Friday 3rd April

WALT: Design a front cover and blurb


Activity 1: Write a blurb  for your story, remember don't give too much information away. Have a wonder around your house and see what blurbs your books have to use as a WAGOLL. Remember to magpie ideas but DO NOT COPY!


Activity 2: Design and create a front cover for your story- remember to include the author (YOU) and a title. 


Record yourself reading your story and send it to us via email (if you can) 

Virtual Easter Parade 

For the next two weeks, we are asking you to send us any activities or crafts that you do over the Easter holiday. This could be:

  • Drawings
  • Pictures
  • Paintings 
  • Cooking 
  • Crafts 
  • Eating any Easter eggs
  • Having a picnic in the garden 
  • Making a den 
  • Playing games 
  • Reading a book 

We will upload anything we receive by email and will make a slideshow of pictures for our Virtual Easter Parade. 












































































































































 Ongoing curriculum activities

Please see below the map designed for the curriculum topic. 

Handwriting practise, Grammar mats and Maths mats


If you wish for some extra work, please see below for some handwriting practise, grammar mats and maths mats you could be completing with your child at home.

Monday 30th March

Tuesday 31st March

Wednesday 1st April 

Thursday 2nd April

Friday 3rd April