A very warm welcome to any new children and their families due to join Nursery in September.

Please find below a virtual video tour of the Nursery to share with your children. You can explore our lovely Nursery environment and see what the staff are getting up to!  You will also find the power point presentation shared during the induction meeting on 07.07.20.

Please take a virtual tour of Nursery (for pupils returning to school in Summer term 2) 


Here you will find out about the amazing learning taking place in Nursery.

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Welcome to Nursery's online learning page

 Welcome back again! We hope you all had a lovely half term enjoying the sunshine with your families.  Are you ready to take part in some new and exciting activities and challenges? All the Nursery teachers hope that you are!  At the start of the week, we will be uploading English and Maths activities onto this web page, for you to do at home. Midway through the week, you will be able to take part in some work linked to , 'Who lives in the garden?', and later on, our new topic, 'Splash into Summer'. Towards the end of the week we would like to share a story with you.  We would really like to see you enjoying your Home Learning, so please continue to upload pictures and videos onto Tapestry.

 Thank you so much for all your continued support, it is really appreciated. All the work that you are doing at home will make a real difference and have a positive impact on your children's success and well-being.

Thank you, from the Nursery Team.

What a Lovely Surprise! 

Thank you so much for this lovely kind message.  It has put a big smile on all of our faces.  Thank you so much for organising this.

Sending lots of love from all the nursery staff! xxx

Returning to School in a Bubble

Below is a story book all about returning to school following lock down. This might be useful to read through with your child if they are joining us again in the next few weeks.

Week beginning 13.07.20

Weekly English Focus

Metal Mike is going on holiday.  Can you help him with his words before he goes away?

Metal Mike has got lots of things in his word tub.  Ask an adult to say each word using Metal Mike talk, e.g.

d - o - g     n - e - t    b - a - g    t - a - p   

r - a - t      f - i - sh    h - e - n    m - a - p

Children, you need to blend the letter sounds together to say each word.

Week beginning 06.07.20

Weekly English Focus

Metal Mike has looked at words from the 'en' family.  Ask an adult to say each word using Metal Mike talk, e.g.

d  - e - n     t - e - n     h - e - n     p - e - n

Children, you need to blend the letter sounds together to say each word.

Week beginning 29.06.20

Weekly English Focus

Metal Mike has got green hair! What can be going on this week? 

Metal Mike has looked at words from the 'ig' family.  Ask an adult to say each word using Metal Mike talk, e.g.

w  - i - g     p - i - g     b - i - g

d - i - g       t - w - i - g     j - i - g

Children, you need to blend the letter sounds together to say each word.

I Spy Activity Sheet

Use your good looking eyes to find something beginning with ..... w, j, v, ,z, and y

If you would like to make a Mini Metal Mike, print the picture below.   Find an empty box, like a cereal box, cover it with silver foil and then stick Mini Metal Mike on the front.  Make a slot for his mouth for the picture cards to fit into.

A Message from Lucy the Letter Ladybird

Hello children, I have really enjoyed teaching you all of the letter sounds in set 1. I am now going to spend some time reviewing these sounds with you. I would really like all the children to be able to hear and say the initial letter sound in words. This is your target.

I had a meeting with Lawrence and together we have thought of some activities and fun games that you can play at home to help you to meet your target.  If you can come up with your own games please let us know that would be great!

I Spy with My Little Eye

Each week we will put a new I Spy…… activity sheet onto the web page. See below.

Hoop Jump

Get 2 hoops. Choose 2 focus letter sounds, say ‘t’ and ‘m’.  Put a letter sound card or object into each hoop. Adult to say a word, teddy, and child listens to the first letter sound and jumps into the ‘t’ hoop. Continue to play the game using a selection of ‘t’ and ‘m’ words.  If you haven’t got hoops, you could use tape, skipping ropes or even patio slabs. You can extend the game by using 3 hoops, and maybe a timer to see how many initial letter sounds you can hear in 1 minute, 3 minutes. Who can get the highest score?

Bin It!

Get an empty waste paper bin or box. Choose a focus letter sound, and find some objects that begin and do not begin with this sound. Child to choose an object and decide if they have to keep it, place into the hoop, or bin it! At the end of the game encourage your child to explain how they have sorted the objects. For example,” I put all of these things into the hoop because they all start ‘b’. The things in the bin do not start with ‘b’”.

Shopping for Sounds

Get a shopping bag, plastic basket or box. Collect 6 to 8 items each one starting with a different initial letter sound. Adult to ask child, “Can you go shopping for something beginning with ‘p’”? Child to find the object that starts with this letter sound, and puts it into the bag. At the end of the game the adult ‘scans’ each item with the child saying what letter sound it begins with. So, what are you waiting for, “Let’s go shopping?”

Hide and Seek

Collect some objects and hide them in the garden or around the house. Choose 2 focus letter sounds, and 2 hoops or boxes. Child to have fun finding each hidden object, and says what sound it begins with, and puts it into the correct hoop.

Please click the video link below to help your child to do this, and to say each letter sound correctly.

RWI Pure Sounds - set 1 sounds video

Week beginning 13.07.20

Weekly Maths Focus

This week we are going to have a maths review week. There are lots of important skills that we have learnt during Nursery and they will be really helpful for the children as they start Reception. 

The following skills can be practised and reinforced at home  using numbers 1-5, 1-10, 1-20; work at your child's own pace.

*Skill 1) To recognise numbers.

*Skill 2) To write numbers using the correct formation.

*Skill 3) To count sets of objects accurately. Encourage your child to touch each object as they count carefully to find the total amount.

*Skill 4) To order numbers. Give your child some numbers (make your own number cards) and see if they can put them in the correct order. After play a game. Ask your child to close their eyes.  Adult to take a number card away and ask, "what number has gone on holiday?" Replace this number and repeat the game taking different numbers away on holiday!

*Skill 5) In practical activities and discussions, begin to use the vocabulary involved in adding and subtracting, ( please refer to some of the videos on the Previous Learning page to help you.)

If you feel that your child is ready, ask them to complete some simple addition sums using the + and = signs. You can draw pictures, use objects or a number line to assist you with recording your work.

Week beginning 06.07.20

Weekly Maths Focus

Following on from last week's number work, I would like the children to continue to practise their addition skills. Use real objects to find the total number of items in two groups by counting all of them.

Encourage your child to make up their own addition sums and write them using the + and = signs. Talk about what you are doing and use words relating to addition, like add, plus, altogether makes, equals and total.

Please find below some Summer dot-to-dot sheets linked to our topic 'Splash Into Summer.'

Week beginning 29.06.20

Weekly Maths Focus

 How Many Altogether?

This week's number work is about finding the total number of items in two groups by counting all of them. Some of the activity sheets below introduce the addition sign + and the equals sign =. Encourage your child to use the vocabulary involved in adding, like add, plus, how many altogether, makes and equals. You may like to do some practical addition using real objects that you can find at home, like fruit, sweets, toys or things outside, like leaves.

In the first activity sheet below, count the flowers that the girl is holding in each hand, and write the number in each box. Then count the total number of flowers that she is holding altogether and write this number in the box below the girl.

We hope you enjoy this week's number work.

Ongoing Number Focus

Please continue to practise counting, reading and writing numbers to 10 /20. Below is the maths booklet that was available last week to support you with this.

If you feel your child is secure with the above then introduce the idea of finding the total number of items in two groups by counting all of them. There is a home learning activity sheet below with different adding opportunities.

Below is a website that has a few interactive counting games that we have played this year. It could be used to recap on all the numbers to 10 and for those that are ready to move to using numbers up to 20.

Top Marks Maths Games


It is important to keep active so below are links to websites with dance activities, yoga activities and daily live workouts. 


Joe Wicks daily workout 

Gonoodle dance activities 


It's been brilliant seeing all the photos of your children's learning on Tapestry. Keep the photos coming!  Below is a guide on how to upload photos, for anyone that's not sure. I hope this will help; however if you need any further support, please email us.

Celebrating Home Learning

Thank you so much for sending us so many fantastic pictures to Tapestry. All the Nursery team miss the children so much, so it’s lovely for us to see you working at home and taking part in lots of fun activities.

Please keep sending us pictures and we will add them to the slideshow.

Keep up the good work!

Week beginning 13.07.20

Weekly Topic Focus

This week our topic focus is under the sea.  Can you think of any creatures that live under the sea?

There are lots of exciting animals that live under the sea.  Look at the picture below to help you name and talk about some of these sea creatures.

Song Time with all the Nursery Staff

Down in the Deep Blue Sea (13-07-20)

Story Time with Mrs Dunne

Dolphinella (13-07-20)

Exercise Under the Sea with Andy 

Click here to join in and sing along

BBC iPlayer - Andys Wild Workouts - Series 1: 1. Under the Sea

Week beginning 06.07.20

Weekly Topic Focus

Linked to our topic 'Splash into Summer', you may enjoy finding out what Barnaby Bear gets up to on his seaside adventure.  Have you been to the seaside before?  Talk to someone at home about your beach experiences or family trips out.

Click on the link below.

Barnaby Bear Goes to the Seaside

9781903448137 - Barnaby Bear At The Seaside - Barnaby Bear ...

It's fun making sandcastles. If you would like to decorate a sandcastle see the below activity sheets. Have fun!

Story time with Mrs Parry

Topsy & Tim Go on Holiday  (Wk 06-07-20)

Song of the Week (06-07-20)

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

Week beginning 29.06.20

Weekly Topic Focus

This week we are looking at sun safety.  It's so nice to play outdoors in the sunshine, but we must be careful and stay safe.

Watch the video below to find out how to enjoy the sunshine safely

Slip Slap Slop & Wrap Song

Look at the pictures below to help you to have fun in the sun safely. Talk to someone at home about about how to keep safe in the sunshine.  There are also some activities for you to enjoy.

Story time with Mrs Dunne 

Sharing a Shell  (Wk 29-06-20)