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Governors and Local School Committee

Meadow View JMI School Governance 2023-2024

We have an Executive Governor Board, who are drawn from both within the federation schools and also externally to provide the challenge, strategic view and experience that we need to continue to succeed. 

The Governing Board has overall responsibility and accountability for all of our schools and leads on delivering the Lighthouse Federation vision.

It is the responsibility of the board to undertake the due diligence of any school wishing to join the federation and to support leaders at all levels in driving forward with improvement. 

In line with the Department for Education's Federation Guidance, The Lighthouse Federation Governing Board is made up of 24 members and are composed of:

  • 1 Chief Operating Officer   
  • 7 Headteachers (Including Executive Headteachers)                                                                             
  • 1 Local Authority Governor 
  • 2 Parent Governors 
  • 1 Staff Governor
  • 13 Co-opted Governors 
  • 9 places are allocated to Chairs of School Committees 
  • 3 places are allocated based on the skill requirements of the Executive Board.

The Lighthouse Federation Governors are listed in the document below:



Governor Designation  Term of Office  Details 
Adam Hicken

Local Authority 

05/10/2022-   04/10/2026

Chair of Federation Governors

Robert Trawford  Co-opted  05/10/2022-   04/10/2026 Co - Chair of Federation Governors 

Stuart Hughes


09/09/2022-     08/09/2026

Chair of Local School Committee: Meadow View JMI

Ann Adair 

Executive Head Teacher 

Ex Officio

Meadow View JMI and Moorcroft Wood 

Di Newton


09/09/2022-   08/09/2026

Chair of Local School Committee: Barcroft Primary School 

Natasha Bournes


09/09/2022-    08/09/2026

Chair of Local School Committee: Lindens Primary School 

Ben Lyons


15/05/2023-    14/05/2027

Chair of Local School Committee Moorcroft Wood Primary School 

Neil Brown


09/09/2022- 08/09/2026

Chair of Local School Committee : St James Primary School 

Pete Farmer


09/09/2022- 08-09/2026

Chair of Local School Committee : Castlefort JMI 

Michael Christoforou


18/09/2023-    17/09/2027

Chair of Local School Committee : Sunshine Nursery & Infants 

Seona Baker 


09/05/2024 - 08/05/2028

Chair of Local School Committee : Blakenall Heath Junior School 

Pat Hunt


18/09/2023- 17/09/2027


Co- Opted Governor 

Andrew Damon 


09/09/2022-  08/09/2026


Co-Opted Governor 

Serena Caine



Co-Opted Governor

Simon Griffiths


Ex Officio

Lindens Primary 

Sheila Hayward



09/09/2022- 08/09/2026

Chair of Local School Committee: Beacon Primary School 

Claire Chandler


Ex Officio

Beacon Primary School 

Paul Drew 

Chief Operating Officer

Ex Officio

The Lighthouse Federation

Jo Wilson

Executive Headteacher

Ex Officio

Castlefort JMI  and St James Primary

Sarah Corkindale


Ex Officio

Sunshine Nursery & Infants

Maria Harris 


Ex Officio

Blakenall Heath Junior School

Gursh Sammi



Parent of Federation School 

Nick Etheredge


18/09/2023-    17/09/2027

Parent of Federation School 

Emma Wanglin  

Staff Member


Staff Member from Lighthouse Federation School

Local School Committee Members (Associate to the Governing Body)

The Local School Committee  is comprised of representatives from our the Lighthouse Federation Governors, Local Authority, Local Community, Councillors and Parents.

As a critical friend, the School Committee  offers support, constructive advice, a sounding board for ideas, a second opinion and help and guidance where needed.  Committee members in collaboration with the Lighthouse Federation Governors  are responsible for establishing the aims and policies of the school, implementing the school budget and ensuring the curriculum is taught effectively.

We set targets for the school and ensure implementation when visiting school regularly to act as a link between parents, pupils and school.

Meadow View JMI School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our children. We expect all Committee members, Governors, staff and volunteers to share in this commitment and as such we insist all members have a satisfactory Enhanced DBS.

All Meadow View Governors and Committee members welcome feedback and suggestions from parents, carers and the local community. Any correspondence received will be promptly dealt with at the next scheduled local school committee meeting and the outcome will be reported back appropriately.

Our Local School Committee Members: 

Mrs Ann Adair - Governor (Executive Head Teacher)

Mr Stuart Hughes - Governor (Chair of Local School Committee)

Mr Don Mills - Associate Member (Vice Chair of the Local School Committee)

Mr Mark Worthington - Associate Member (Head of School)

Mrs Dana Roper - Associate Member (Deputy Head of School)

Mrs Louise Ingram - Associate Member

Mrs Chantelle Hodges Green - Associate Member

Mr Paul Davies - Associate Member

Mrs Amy Malone - Associate Member

Governors 2022-2023

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Governors 2021-2022

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