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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning

Welcome to our Outdoor Learning page. On here, you be able to see updates of our learning in the Outdoor Learning area.     



What is Outdoor Learning at Meadow View? 

Since September 2020, the children have been tidying up the gated area next to the KS2 playground. This is now our Outdoor Learning environment. Before lessons could start in the new learning area, the environment needed a BIG CLEAN! A lot of hard work (and sweat from the heat we have had) has gone into this from the children, staff and parents. See some before and after pictures below. I'm sure you'll be just as amazed as we are at the difference! Even though the environment isn't quite ready for daily class lessons, learning is still taking place through the BIG CLEAN. Great work so far everyone!

What events have happened so far? 

Fruit tree planting - March 2021 

Mrs Barnett did a tremendous job at sourcing us some fruit trees for in our memory garden. Every class went into the Outdoor Learning area in March and planted their classes tree. Underneath the tree, is a memory box from our time when school closed and we learnt at home. The children had great fun planting these (so did the teachers) and they are growing beautifully in the wild area. This was a great way to introduce the children to the new learning area. Take a look at our pictures. 

Outdoor learning lessons - March 2021 

During our first summer term, Miss Barratt and Mrs Plant started to take children to the Outdoor Learning area as part of our well-being and confidence building when school opened again. During this time, we have been concentrating on tidying and creating our environment ready for whole classes to start learning outside from September. We have been  so lucky to be able to go outside twice a week and have been doing lots of great activities and preparing such as: painting the tyres; creating mini beast hotels; frog and tadpole fishing; digging the allotment; planting flowers; and filling many black bags of rubbish! See pictures of our great fun!



Morrisons - Good to Grow
Meadow View have signed up for the 'Morrisons Good to Grow' campaign. For every £10 you spend in store, you can 'donate' your tokens to our school to support the expansion of our Outdoor Learning. This is a great way for us to receive free gardening equipment and develop our Outdoor Learning environment.
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