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Art and Design

Art and Design

At Meadow View JMI, we believe that Art and Design fires the imagination.

It allows all children to express their uniqueness, through stimulating their creativity, experimentation and inventiveness.

We aim to inspire the children, using a range of artists and believe that through teaching the art skills and processes, children can express themselves freely. Art gives them the platform to



Autumn - Nursery have been exploring different mediums in art and have loved making marks using paint, chalk and crayons.

Spring - Coming Soon :)

Year 1

Autumn - During the Autumn Term, Year 1 have been inspired by the work of a Spanish artist called Joan Miro. 
They have looked at colour mixing and printing to create a magical realist piece of art. For their final piece they made a clay model and used their painting skills to make it colourful.

Spring - Coming Soon :)

Year 3

Autumn - Year 3 have been learning about two artists. David Hockney and Man Ray. They have learned about how to create different tones using pencil, biro and charcoal to then draw a self portrait.

Spring - During the Spring term the Year 3 children have been learning about the artist Henri Rousseau. They have been doing some observational drawings thinking about how to create light and dark.

Year 5

Autumn - In Year 5 the children have loved looking at the artwork of two artists. They created texture by flicking paint inspired by Nick Rowlands to look like lava. Then they looked at Hokusia and created a tsunami painting.

Spring - Coming Soon


Autumn - The Reception children have really enjoyed exploring their mark making skills using paint, chalk and pencils. They have also been sculpting diva lamps using clay.

Spring - Whilst learning about Dinosaurs the children have been creating prints using bubble wrap and dinosaur footprints. They have been practising their cutting skills and have continued the explore mark making using different mediums. They have also been using collaging skills to create dinosaur skeletons.

Year 2

Autumn - Year 2 have loved learning about Paul Klee. His  artwork 'Castle in the Sun'  inspired the children to look at print work and create their own printed castle pictures using polystyrene tiles.

Spring - Year 2 have created some incredible work inspired by the Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. They have used 'benday' dots to create texture and compared his work to another famous pop artist, Andy Warhol.

Year 4

Autumn - Year 4 have looked at the artist Isiah Zagar who creates amazing mosaics. They linked this with their learning all about the Romans. The children then designed their own Mosaic.

Spring - During the spring term the Year 4 children have created some wonderful watercolour paintings inspired by the artist Claude Monet.

Year 6

Autumn - Year 6 have been inspired by the artist William Morris and have created their own print work using polystyrene tiles.

Spring - During the Spring term Year 6 have looked at the art work of Da Vinci and have been learning how to create tones using pencil.

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