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At Meadow View, our science curriculum helps to foster inquisitive learners with big dreams and a thirst for knowledge about the world we live in. Our aim is to deliver practical and memorable experiences for pupils, which encourage curiosity and questioning.
Our diverse curriculum ensures that pupils develop a range of transferable skills such as enquiry, observation, communication and teamwork.
We want our pupils to leave Meadow View ready for the challenges of the future and aware of their responsibility to help sustain our amazing planet.


Reception have been exploring the natural world around them, spending time in the outdoor area. They have been using their senses outside whilst digging deep into the planters. They discovered carrots and mini beasts in the soil. The children were responsible for washing the carrots and making them ready to eat. 

Year 1

In the Spring term the Year 1 children have answered the big question 'What is the best material to make a house out of?' We have learned all about different types of materials and their properties. We read the story the three little pigs and decided on a material that would keep the three little pigs safe and dry.

Year 3

In Spring 2, Year 3 have been investigating the big question about light, 'Why does my shadow follow me?' 

To investigate this, Year 3 have explored different sources of light and most recently, looked at reflections, writing our own 'secret messages' and revealing them using a mirror. 

Year 5

Year 5 have been learning about different types of forces during Spring 2. We recently were testing the effects of air resistance creating our own investigation, of seeing if the size of a parachute affects the speed of drop.

Year 2

In the Spring term, Year 2 have been looking at Materials. They have been investigating which materials are most appropriate and whether they are fit for purpose. 

In our most recent investigation Year 2 explored which material are most absorbent, see our photos above!

Year 4

Spring 1 - Year 4 made a banana sandwich and then put it through the 'digestive system' to produce 'poo'.
The children also completed an investigation into the effect of different drinks on our teeth. They use egg shells to represent teeth and left them in water, milk, orange juice, coke and squash over a number of days and observed the changes. 
Spring 2 - When looking at changing states, the children made cornflake cakes to look at how solids can be melted into a liquid and then solidify again. 
We also had a visit from Severn Trent who talked to use about the process of the water cycle and how we could help to preserve water and look after the environment.

Year 6

In the Spring term, Year 6 have been looking at Evolution & Inheritance, focusing on Charles Darwin and natural selection.

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