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History and Geography

History and Geography


History at Meadow View

At Meadow View, History is taught through topic-based learning. We recognise that high-quality history teaching helps pupils to gain a better understanding of Britain’s past, as well as that of the wider world. We aim to equip children with a coherent understanding of historical events and their chronology, as well as helping them to develop their ability to:- Ask questions about the past,- Think critically about people and events from history, - Analyse both primary and secondary sources and their reliability,- Develop their own perspectives about events and people of the past,- Make comparisons between time periods.

We also encourage children to learn lessons from actions and events in history. We encourage children to empathise with people who lived in the past, and to understand how the actions of today will become the history of tomorrow.


Geography at Meadow View

At Meadow View, Geography skills are taught as part of termly topics. We aim to inspire children to be more curious about the world and its people, by giving them experiences which allow them to learn about diverse places and people. Children learn about aspects of human geography, such as land use and population changes, as well as the physical processes which have formed our planet over millions of years. In order to learn about the world in which we live, children are taught skills which allow them to:- Collect and analyse data,- Interpret maps, aerial photographs and globes,- Present geographical information in different ways.

As well as developing children’s Geographical knowledge and skills, we also aim to encourage children to think ecologically about how their own actions play a role in protecting the health of our planet.


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Year 6 Map Work

In the Autumn Term, Year 6's key question was "How did the Industrial Revolution Impact Birmingham?". The children studied population graphs and compared historic and modern day OS maps of Birmingham to discover how population boomed during the Industrial era, and how land use changed over time.

In the Spring term, children have made use of our online mapping programme, Digimaps, as part of answering their key question: "What is the future of Planet Earth?". The children have studied coastal regions, and looked at how the coastline of Britain has changed between 1890 and present day, due to both coastal erosion and rising sea levels. They also used Digimaps to learn how to read lines of topography. We used this to look at which areas were the highest and lowest lying in our locality. We discussed what might happen to Great Britain, and coastal areas in particular, should sea levels continue to rise.

Year 5 - History and Geography

In the Autumn Term, the children in Year 5 were learning all about natural disasters. They learnt about how the Earth's crust is split into Tectonic Plates, and looked at the relationship between the location of plate boundaries and the majority of the world's volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. They looked at why natural disasters occur, and some of the things people do to minimise the damage that disasters can cause.

In the Spring Term, Year 5 are trying to answer the question "Where do British People Come From?". They are looking at our country's history of invasions by different groups of people (Romans, Jutes, Ingles, Saxons, Vikings). They are looking at how Britain was changed by the different groups of people who settled here in the past, and what each group has left behind.

Year 4 - Where does Water Go?

Children in Year 4 have been learning all about the Water Cycle in their Geography lessons. The children have shown a real interest in the problem of plastic pollution in our Oceans and Seas. They were lucky enough to get a visit from Seven Trent Water all about the importance of conserving water!

Year 1 History and Geography

In Year 1, during the Autumn Term, the children were investigating the question "Are all children's lives like ours?". Children learnt about the countries of the United Kingdom, before looking further afield at the World Map. Children learnt about where hot and cold climates are located in relation to the equator. They also learnt to identify some places on the world map, such as the continent of Africa and the country of India. 

In the Spring Term, children are learning all about The Great Fire of London, and examining cause and effect, by asking the question "Could the Great Fire of London have been Avoided?". The children learnt about some of the key events leading up to the fire. They looked at a range of historical items related to the fire and used these to learn about how the fire was tackled. They will be learning about some of the reasons why the fire spread so rapidly and will think about what lessons we can learn from this. 

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