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21 May 2019 (by Jason Wedge (jwedge))

BBC WM wants YOUR school to ‘Get Moving!’- BBC Breakfast presenters Sam and Daz. Here at Meadow View we are actively supporting the Daily Mile.

 We are delighted to announce that we are going to take up the BBC WM radio breakfast show challenge to get all our children active by signing up for the daily mile. They will be walking, running or jogging at their own pace for 15 minutes. Most children will average a mile in the 15 minutes, with some doing more and some doing less. It is not PE, sport or cross-country but physical activity in a social setting; aimed at improving the children’s physical, social, emotional and mental health, and wellbeing. The children run in their ordinary school clothes with trainers being ideal, but not essential. It can help children to focus and concentrate in the classroom and raise their attainment. And most importantly, the children really enjoy it.